Amasuite 4 Member Page Review and BONUS ! Powerful Amazon TOOL

AMASUITE 4 Member Page Review and Get the Bonuses  page– Powerful Amazon Tools

Let’s get started with this Amasuite 4 Review

Amasuite 4.0 Best Amazon Marketing Tool

Amasuite 4 – Powerful Amazon Marketing Tool

Before we dive into the the software itself, let me share with you some details about the authors: Dave Guindon and Chris Guthrie.

Dave is the lead software developer of the Amasuite apps and has been one of the top online marketers.

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover what Amasuite 4 is, what are the tools included, how to use them, best practices and my Super Amasuite 4 Bonuses (more details below, this is an exclusive offer that you won’t be able to find anywhere else).

While Chris Guthrie is known as the “Amazon Guy”. When it comes to crushing it on Amazon affiliates, he’s one of the guys that I look up to.

He’s sold over $1 Million plus worth of products just from Amazon affiliates alone.

And he’s also a 6-figure earner in Amazon Seller Central selling private-labeled products (you can watch the video here as he walks you inside his current Amazon seller central account). The combination of these 2 great marketers, resulted in the Amasuite Version 4, which you is now available publicly.

Earning Disclaimer: Please note of course, that these earnings are NOT typical. No one can guarantee the income that you can make, I’m simply showcasing what Chris has done and what I have done. Most people buy courses and don’t take action or quit too early. If you’re looking for a get-rich quick scheme, please close this page because you won’t find it here or anywhere else.

Because I’m a V.I.P. user of Amasuite, I was able to get early access to the version 4 before it was even released to the general public. What I’m about to show you has never been released before. But now, since it’s launched you’ll be able to access the Amasuite software as well as the bonus trainings.

I’ve also started using these tools with great ease and success in my Amazon affiliates and Amazon seller central business (more will be revealed inside my Amasuite 4 bonuses)


Let me walk you inside the Amasuite 4 Members Area

Once you’ve signed up for the Amasuite 4 software tools and training, you’ll be emailed with username and password login details.

amasuite member area

The members login can be found here: As soon as you’ve logged in, you can now start browsing the members only access area.

Download all the softwares included in your purchase. There’s currently 5 softwares included in the Amasuite apps:

1. Azon Keyword Generator 4

2. Azon Product Inspector 4

3. Azon Top 100 Analyzer  4

4. Azon Review Finder 4

5. NEW – Bonus Revili Software – This is a HUGE Time saver when creating product review articles (more details below) Aside from the softwares included in Amasuite 4, there’s also 2 Major trainings (powerful, yet incomplete – more details below), and other bonuses included in your membership access. I’ll discuss each software, then each training in this review.

The Azon Keyword Generator 4

generator azon keywordUsing the Azon keyword generator is very simple. Just enter any “seed” keyword that you’d like to generate keywords from. If you have no idea where to start, you can use brands of products that are related to your niche. You can also use buyer keywords like “best and top”.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve used the “best” as a seed keyword and it already gave me tons of ideas for niche sites. I can create a site about coffee makers, hummingbird feeders, etc.

When people type-in keywords like “best ….” they are looking for comparison between products. And they are most likely to buy, than people who are just searching for research information. What I also like about this software is that I can quickly check for google search volume (google keyword tool) as well as check for Google trends.


The Azon Keyword Generator version 4

Azon Product Inspector 4

Inspector Azon ProductOnce the Azon Product inspector has been fired up, all I need to do is enter the keyword “car vacuum” or whatever your physical product is about (based on your keyword research). Make sure that “exact match” is checked.

The software will give the list of products available on along the stats needed to help you decide which products are bestsellers and selling really well (*hint – I choose products that have a main rank of 5000 or less).

This means that these products have proven to be bestsellers and converting well. As with the product rating, the average should be more than 3.5 out of 5 stars. If the average star rating is less than 3.5, I will avoid promoting that product because it’s not good enough


Azon Product Inspector version 4

 Azon Top 100 Analyzer ver

analyzer azon top10This software makes it a lot easier to browse the bestsellers list in any category or in all category.It can also check the hot new releases, movers and shakers, top rated, most wished for, and most gifted

Whether you’re doing Amazon affiliate marketing or selling physical products via Amazon Seller Central, this tool can help you save a lot of time in identifying opportunities. You can also extract main rank filters (Top 5,000 main rank products are best for affiliate marketing and selling physical products).

Aside from finding out the main rank, you can use filters (like price, number of reviews, savings, and commissions).

Let’s say you only want to promote bestselling products in a certain category with a sale price of $100 or more, you can easily do that in this tool. If you were to do this without the Azon Top 100 Analyzer, you’ll spend hours of manually extracting and analyzing this information.


Azon Top 100 Analyzer ver

Azon Review Finder version 4

finder azon reviewThis tool is very useful if you are selling physical products on Amazon or if you have private labeled products sold on Amazon seller central. In order for your products to be a bestselling product, it needs velocity of sales and good reviews.

This is what Amazon uses to rank products as a bestseller in their website.

Finding the names and contact information of people who can review your products is one way to get exposure. Just remember that there are certain rules that you have to follow when doing this. You can’t actually “require” someone to review your product in exchange of any incentive.

What most people are doing is that they send a product sample, then after the person have used it for quite some time, a product review or feedback can be asked but it should not be mandatory. The advantage of targeting people who are frequent Amazon product reviewers is that they are knowledgeable in leaving product reviews and do they it a lot!
Azon Review Finder version 4

NEW Software – Revili – Review analyzer software (Available on the UPSELL Page)

First, if you’re looking this software on the Amasuite Salespage, you won’t find it unless you purchase the Amasuite software first. It’s an upsell which means it’s an optional upgrade. But for the duration of this promotion and launch, you can get this Revili software at a very low price.

All I can say is that this software is really cool and awesome! Within a few minutes, you can literally find out the reasons why people love a specific product and what they DON’T like as well.
Just enter the ASIN number of the product you’d like to check. This will pull out the Amazon reviews for that particular product. It’s best to choose products with at least 100+ reviews. This software will then sort the words that are commonly appearing in these reviews so that it can be sorted out via average ratings.

You can then find out which phrases are commonly appearing in the top ratings and the lowest ratings. If there are multiple occurrences of  the same phrase, then it means multiple people have identified that issue and are writing about it on their reviews.


NEW Software – Interest Architect (Available on the UPSELL Page only)

This is another tool that will be available on the upsell sequence. It’s a tool that enables you to find interest targets that can be used on Facebook advertising and market research. If you are NOT planning to do any type of facebook advertising, then you can skip this tool. But if you want to use facebook ads to drive traffic to any page, then this tool is a bargain for what it can do.

Basically, the reason why Facebook ads are so successful is because they have an algorithm that sells ads targeting people based on their interests. Let’s say I’m a basketball fan, I’ve identified that as one of my interests on facebook is basketball, it will show me relevant to advertisers of basketball stuff, items and memorabilias.

interest architect software
But one of the biggest problems when creating precise Facebook targeting is the lack of interests to start with. It can be time consuming to find the best keywords to use as interests. But this tool can easily do this for me in just a few minutes.

In this screenshot, I’d love to show you an example of what interest architect could do:

  • You can find related interests using Fanpages, Wikipedia (this is a huge resource), Movies, Books, Sites and Brands.
  • These interests can now added as audience targeting on your facebook ad campaigns. Click here to learn more about Interest Architect.

GET Interest Architect Download

The Amasuite 4 Training courses?

amasuite 4 training course

The previous versions of the Amasuite apps don’t have the NEW seller training, which teaches you how to sell on Amazon. You’ll get two major Amazon trainings when you buy the Amasuite 4 membership course.

Let’s discuss what’s inside the Amasuite affiliate training course: There are 9 Modules in the affiliate training course with 1 introduction video. If you have no experience in Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, then I highly recommend that you watch this intro video.

Module 1 – How to research an Amazon Niche – Teaches how you can research on profitable niches to start with. I have written another guide about finding a niche that can help supplement this module.

Module 2 – How to setup an Amazon Website – You’ll discover how to setup an Amazon website properly. I have a special bonus for those who get Amasuite 4 via my affiliate links, details below.

Module 3 – Should you build niche or authority sites? – Amazon affiliate sites are either a smaller niche sites or a bigger authority site. This video tells you how to identify what’s the best site for you.

Module 4 – Why Amazon review websites work the best? – Discover what makes this website great sources of “passive income”. This is an important module if you want to make a serious income from Amazon.

Module 5 – How to Write Content for an Amazon Website – What are the 3 types of articles that you should write on your Amazon focused websites. You’ll learn different content creation strategies here.

Module 6 – How to use AmaSync to cut down content creation times – One of the most requested feature of Amasuite members. This tool can help cut down content creation times

Module 7 – How to Make Money With Amazon Websites – These are the exact strategies that Chris Guthrie used to sell over $1 million dollars worth of products from Amazon’s affiliate program.

Module 8 – How to get traffic to an Amazon Website – This is a crash course and overview on traffic generation to your Amazon websites. (If you get Amasuite via my affiliate links, I’ll share exxclusive traffic generation tips that I use to drive targeted traffic to my Amazon websites)

Module 9 – How to buy Amazon Websites – One of the fastest ways to get started with an Amazon affiliate site is to buy one. In this video,  you’ll learn how to identify, find, and buy amazon niche sites that are already making a profit.

Amazon Sellers Training Course

Amazon Sellers Training Course

This is a NEW set of training modules that are NOT previously available in the previous Amasuite versions. This is a great training that is already included in your Amasuite 4 membership. Take advantage of these 7 modules because other internet marketing courses about selling on Amazon costs thousands like the Amazing Selling Machine course which is about $3,000 – $4,000 USD.

Module 1 – How To Sell Physical Products on Amazon – If you’re wondering, why shouldn’t I just build an e-commerce business. Why should I bother selling on Amazon? This module would answer those types of questions.

Module 2 – How to Pick a Product To Sell – Picking a product to sell on Amazon is Crucial. What factors and data should be analyzed. The Amasuite 4 softwares (Top 100 Analyzer and Product Inspector) are great tools that can help you in this module.

Module 3 – How to Find a Supplier – Finding a supplier is actually very easy. You can easily find them via several Google search parameters. You can then “virtually” transact with them using Skype, email or by calling them on the phone.

Module 4 – How to get sales of your product on Amazon – Getting sales is important in building your Amazon Sellers business. You’ll discover different “big win” strategies that can help with the conversion rates and sales of your Amazon product.

Module 5 – How to get reviews for your product on Amazon – Customer reviews are very important for Amazon rankings. If you would like to take advantage of Amazon’s internal ranking system, then you need to get reviews of your product. This module teaches you several strategies on how you can get more reviews.

Module 6 – How to scale your Amazon business from one product to many – In this module, you’ll learn what are the strategies to take your business to the next level.

Module 7 – Bonus Q & A Training Recorded In December 2014

instan aceess

Within your Amasuite 4 Membership, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Bonus WordPress Training Video Course – If you’re a complete WordPress beginner, these 25 videos will help you get started and master the world’s most popular CMS platform. Amasync WordPress Plugin – This plugin is what we’ve mentioned to be in one of the modules in the affiliate training section. Save time creating your content with the Amasync WordPress plugin.

Partner Bonuses and Discounts

  • 10 Pre-Loaded Amazon Stores
  • Easy Optin Pro WordPress Plugin
  • WP Like Pop
  • WP Blur Plugin
  • Azontheme – a powerful WordPress Amazon Theme
  • Amazon Companion Study Guide
  • Amazon Call To Action Buttons
  • WP Local Deals Theme
  • 3 in 1 Instant Article Suite (PC Only software)
  • Unrestricted Private Label Rights to 130 PLR Articles in 24 Niche Markets


Frequently asked questions about the Amasuite Version 4 Software Suite

Will the softwares work in Mac?

Yes, they will. The softwares are installed with Adobe Air, making it compatible with your Mac Computer.

Is there a free trial version available?

Currently, there is NO free trial version, but they offer a “no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee”

Do you have the best bonuses if I purchase the Amasuite Version 4 from your affiliate links?

As a matter of fact, I do have the best bonuses that I know of. And these bonuses won’t distract you from using your Amasuite tools. Some of the bonuses out there are just rehashed PLR stuff that won’t help you make the most out of your Amasuite software.

I’ve identified the biggest problems and biggest wins when selling Amazon affiliate products, and also if you’re selling via Amazon’s seller central program. These bonuses will help you encounter those problems.

Most people would offer Bonuses for Amasuite that will just distract you from achieving your main goals, which is to earn from Amazon’s affiliate program or start selling on Amazon Seller Central.

What I’m doing instead is I’d like to offer several bonuses that would “enhance” your Amasuite 4 purchase. Think of it as additional value and training that won’t cost you a single dime because as an Amasuite 4 affiliate, I’m already earning a small commission (without any extra cost on your part).So it’s a win-win situation.


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