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Engagifire150px_02_ColoredHere’s how our Engagifire Elite Features Will Make Sure All Your Campaigns are Bang On The Money…

  • engagifire smart targetingSmart Targeting
    Take advantage of the biggest trend in 2015…  Web-Personalisation.
    Your visitors all behave differently, right?
    So why treat them all the same?
    Why not…Show a Welcome message to first-time visitors….or a Welcome-back message to returning visitors…You can even show specific Social Media Call To Actions to visitors coming from Facebook or Twitter


  • dynamic site triggerDynamic In-Site Triggers
    Turn ANY part of your website into a dynamic trigger…
    With In-Site Triggers, you can make any word, image or icon on your site trigger a popup when your visitors click on it….or even when they hover over it!
    You can also design a button within EngagiFire and add it to your site to trigger your campaigns.


  • engagifire split testing1-Click Split Testing
    Easily split test different copy and designs within each of your campaigns, with no limit to the number of different tests you can run.
    While all your competitors are shooting in the dark – you’ll KNOW exactly which designs convert best for you.
    And setting up these split tests is simply a case of cloning your popups, making your changes and then sitting back to wait for the results.



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