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Watch How This Software Took Me To 800K Viewers on youtube in A Single Day & How It will Help Skyrocket Your Video Traffic…

I do get 800 K visitors a day on my youtube channel, and thats just one of my channels. Accross all my youtube businesses that I manage, I get well over a million viewers everyday.

The Secret to video traffic is perfect optimization

Video SEO is complicated and a video is many times more expensive to produce than an article. thats why cant afford to go wrong. Without the right optimization you will lose money very quickly and without a return on your investment, you will not be able to continue for long.



That was exactly my youtube mission Accomplished with TUBERANK JEET. It worked better that I had Expected.


Before creating this optimization tool, I was doing a lot of things manually and it was hit or miss. Once I started using Tuberank JEET I was able to achieve more, and the algorithm that I created in it worked so well that ranking content was no longer a challange.

It worked so well that I was able to reach epic leves with the channels that I owned. In fact I started fresh youtube channels and I am repeating the same story again.

Using Tuberank Jeet 2 to be able to find the right keywords is Awesome. When you can literally pick apart soccessful RANKING videos and duplicate that process in seconds is pretty cool. -terry wygal

Tuberank Jeet 2This tool is so easy and fun to use. The best thing that I can state about it is that I cant think of optimizing my youtube videos anymore without it. Highly Recommended – Adam Simon


1. Enter your keyword and select how many videos you want TUberank Jeet to analyze.

2. Check the videos that appear in the results.

3. See the total number of likes, dislikes, views and comments in one glance.

4. Understand immediately how tough is your competition and is it really worth pursuing the keyword you picked.

5. Tuberank Jeet will shows you a visual difficulty meter that will tell you how tough ranking for a keyword is.

6. The difficult meter shows you on a scale of 1-100 how difficult it is to rank for the keyword.

7. The rankung difficulty meter takes out the guesswork from ranking videos.


Let me show you a quick DEMO of Tuberank JEET, and how it will change your life


With TUBERANK JEET 2 you will rank youtube videos even if you are a Complete Beginner.

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