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When you talking about Video marketing, a professional videos are seriously important. Especially when it comes to landing pages.

Poorly produced videos rarely increase (they can actually hurt) conversion rates… And when you throw just another slideshow together, you run the risk of telling your audience:

“Don’t take me seriously. ”

You know, for a fact, that’s the cold hard truth. Just consider your own experience.You click on links all the time, see videos on landing pages, and think:“Ok, is this guy FOR REAL with the COLOR OUTLINED TEXT, outdated transitions, and 20-year-old pitch?And that’s why you need to take your videos seriously, and start your year on the right foot.You’re about to discover a way to capture your audience’s attention faster than ever before.

Video has the power to capture attention, keep prospects on your page, and engage them with your
message. Every marketing “guru,” guide, course, book, blog, and case study has a statistic for every niche, market and business that reads “split testing reveals: video converts over 46% higher than text content.”

I mean, let’s be honest…
You’re reading these words right now because the video at the top of this page captured your attention.At this point, practically everyone knows about the power of video.I don’t really need to tell you (but I will do it anyway…)

The Next Generation In Video Marketing Technology .. Enabling You To Create The World’s Smartest Videos…
Check Out The Video Creation Tool That’s Sweeping The Marketing World:

vidgeos download
Introducing Vidgeos

Video Creation, Animation And Hosting Tool.

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Vidgeos is revolutionary. Not only has it got every feature you could want to create stunning, professional quality videos, but the built in geotargeting features, the automatic language translation and the live timers and inter-action make it the most valuable and useful video tool to come to the market in years. Vidgeos is the first video creation tool that allows you to use smart elements to engage your audience and  capture attention by automatically adapting your videos to match viewer location.

So, Right now :

  • Never Hire Another Video Creator
  • Create Professional Videos In Minutes
  • Smart Elements Engage Your Audience
  • Designed By Marketers, For Marketers
  • Fully Mac & Pc Compatible

You’re About To Create And Host Customized, Captivating Videos With Just A Few Clicks, Drags, And Drops.

Everything You Need To Rock Your Video Marketing and Absolutely everything you need to create & play stunning, high converting videos with Vidgeos is included.  

Vidgeos Video Creator : The first ever viewer specific video creation & marketing application designed by marketers for marketers & entrepreneurs. The most advanced and next generation of video marketing

Smart Elements : Capture your visitors attention while also instantly building rapport using smart elements. Add on the viewers specific time, date, country & city that they are viewing from in creative ways.

One Click Pro Animations : Animate any element on your vidgeos by simply selecting it and selecting an animation from the drop down menu. Add ‘In’, ‘Mid’, ‘Out’ & even looping animations with one click.

Marketing Call To Actions : You need to generate leads & sales. It’s what your videos are their for, and that’s why we’ve built in animated call to actions such as buy buttons, email sign up forms and other powerful fetaures.

User Friendly Interface : Creating pro videos is as easy as drag & drop, point & click. You have never seen a software so simple that enables you to create such powerful sales & marketing videos in literally minutes.

When You Capture Attention, You Make Money. Here’s How Vidgeos Is Going To Help:

Global Marketing : Until now this was not possible. With Vidgeos language is no longer a barrier as the text is automatically translated

Email Lists Income : The money is in the list, the most true statement in online marketing. With Vidgeos you can build money lists fast

Affiliate Commissions : Create affiliate marketing campaign videos simply referring people to great products & you make commissions

Sell Your Videos : Want to easily generate income online? You can now sell all your vidgeos videos impressing businesses with smart elements.

Videos That Sell : Easily create high converting videos guaranteed to engage your audience and turn your prospects into purchasers

Interactive & Live Videos : With vidgeos your videos come alive with live interactive elements. You can also hyper link to affiliate offers & any website.

Instant Video Publishing : Save time rendering with our instant video publishing and live editing so you never have to waste time waiting

Funnel Upsell Videos : Generate upto 50% extra profits per sale by easily creating up-sell marketing videos that sell Its under the desktop BG


VIDGEOS is Easy-To-Use, Single Click Customizations Have You Up And Running In Minutes.

Single Click Animations
Animate any text, graphic, icon or more in your video with dozens of drop-down selectable animations. Animations have never been easier. You can also adjust the speed, delay & other customisation options to make custom animations the way you want.

Customizable LIVE Calls To Action
Easily add buy buttons, email signup forms, limited-time countdown timers and more—all with the CTA you select. Instead of having the CTA’s as a layover, all our CTA’s are actually part of the video, making it more dynamic & interactive or your viewers.

Automatic Text Translations
Set your text to auto translate for international audiences and never lose an overseas sale. No need to create multiple videos in different languages, vidgeos automatically translates the text to the language of the viewers location. Viewer specific marketing has finally arrived.

SO… What are You waiting For ?

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