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zpboxZapable can Create Your Own Professional mobile App Within Minutes. Fast, Easy And Simple To Use! and Zapable will useful for you No matter what business you are in… Amazon, Local Marketing, Affiliate,  CPA, Facebook, Paid Traffic, Seo this is for you.

“You can create so many apps so fast and the features are out of this world. I totally love it!” and “There’s a ton of money to be made in this  thats for sure!”

An App is one of those small icons on your phone or tablet… Well imagine building one in less than 60 seconds with ZERO previous experience

With Zapable we are going to show you LIVE in real time how to build beautiful apps with ZERO technical experience.phones2

  • Build instant Amazon stores
  • iTunes stores
  • Add podcasts
  • YouTube Videos
  • Static Pages
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Build Local Business Apps
  • Affiliate Marketing Apps
  • Viral Apps
  • Use Push Button Notification Technology
  • Appointment Forms

… and over 27 other features at the click of a button.
This is unlike anything you have seen in the market place!

Use Zapable in 3 easy Steps :


Enter your info with our  “drag n drop” interface


Select from over 27 amazing features


Hit Build  – Your App is ready


Zapable Use for :

Local Business Apps – The Hottest Opportunity On The Planet

Apps are the next stage of evolution. Everyone wanted a website years ago – now they want an app.
There are over 27.2 Million Small Businesses in the USA alone. 86.2% have said they would love an app but are under the impression that it’s only affordable by the “Fortune 500 Companies”
Before Zapable arrived it was out of reach… not anymore

  • It’s as easy as ‘cutting and pasting’ all the content from a clients website into an app. You can even do it live in front of them
  • You can even add their facebook page, youtube channel, twitter account, instagram.
  • Blow their mind by showing how they can send a ‘push button’ notification to clients. Imagine a law firm sending a message to people who downloaded their app “Get your free legal consultation today”
  • Local restaurants. Show the business owner how their app can receive take away orders online or how customers can make a table reservation. They will be amazed. We plug into Open Table, Just Eat and several other online ordering services. Upload their menus online, or images of the types of food they serve.
  • Digital Loyalty Card Function. “Buy 6 Coffees, Get 1 Free”. Virtually stamps your card.


Facebook Marketer’s – Watch This Monetization Strategy…

There are now over 42 million Facebook Fan pages on the Internet.  Apps are the next generation for monetizing them.

  • Add any Fan Page With the Click Of A Button To Your App. Cut and Paste the address of the fan page in and it will even show suggestions
  • Data feed is pulled live from Facebook direct to the app seamlessy.
  • Auto Live Update. As you update your FB Fan page your app updates automatically. No need for the end user to re-install.


Automatically Build Instant Amazon Catalogues with Your Affiliate Link

66.8% of smartphone owners use an Amazon App* and did you know know 60% of Amazon sales in December 2014 came via mobile /tablet?
Amazon is one of the top five most recognised brands online. With over $74 Billion revenues being generated every single year (and growing) and with the growth in mobile traffic this is a HUGE opportunity

  • Build unlimited Amazon catalogues by just entering your Keyword and picking via “Drag n Drop” what items you want
  • If anyone buys an item, you earn an affiliate commission through your Amazon account
  • Money making Hint. Build an app about a famous celebrity. When they release a new product on Amazon send a push button notification about it! Or send them to a review page in app, and then link to the product for even better conversion rates.


Video marketer? Zapable Allows You To Place YouTube Videos Directly In Your App

“Since 2007 we have paid over $1 billion to our partners”

  • With Zapable just enter your Keyword, hit Search and select from millions of videos from Youtube
  • Select from “Search, Playlist and Channel” options. or just paste the URL of your YouTube Video In
  • Build unlimited categories. Customize your icons and video descriptions


SEO – Your backdoor way to getting ranked super fast in organic search for terms otherwise unattainable

The secret back door to getting rankings in search engines

  • Build apps like you would build your niche websites
  • Except promote your app listing benefits, push notification etc. It’s nearly better than a website!
  • Rank your apps super fast in organic search for terms otherwise unattainable

Let’s look at this Five step Monetization Strategy

Imagine building a content based app about a highly sought after celebrity.

  1. We create an app about them and populate it with content freely available from YouTube, Royalty Free news sites and Amazon products. This is content the owner has given permission to go into the public domain.
  2. We build out a Celebrity based Facebook fan page, acquire a following on the page from posting viral content .
  3. Post to your fans “Download the App to stay up to date with their movements”
  4. Inside the app we can monetize by displaying ads (get paid per impression), get paid if they buy one of the Amazon products, get paid if they buy a book from the Itunes store. Many methods
  5. Wait – it gets better. Every time that person releases a new product/service you can send a “Push Notification” to their phone with your affiliate links

Imagine earning $10/Day per App.
Build 100 Apps around the celebrity niche
100 Apps at $10 =  $1000/day just from this one idea.
Replicate this model with unlimited niches from health, fitness, financial, real estate, Auto Dealers.


zpbox“We’ll train you to make money with your Apps – You also get access to our online Zapable Training Academy”. Becoming a “Zapper” isn’t just about the incredible software. It’s about being part of a like minded community as we take over the app universe. That’s why we’ve created the “Zapable Academy’ where you can get full video tutorials and walk through PDFs of each of Zapable’s incredible features. Interact with other members and earn “reward levels” once you hit $1000 a month, $5000 a month, # of apps built.

It’s now time for you to make a very important decision… So one of two things is going to happen today.

You can keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing. Keep trying to make money with facebook, amazon, video marketing while competing with the entire marketing universe in an over saturated market place, where competition is fierce and profits are diluted. But why fight for the scraps when you can feed like a king?

Get in on this ground floor opportunity today, get ahead of the curve and tap into a huge $4.4 Billion dollar and (exponentially growing) industry and claim your piece of the pie.

It’s really that simple.
Nothing can compete with Zapable.
The incredible software with over 27 incredible features (new ones added each month),
the Zapable Academy,
the training,
the monetization methods,
And the team behind it.

It’s unstoppable – and can only get better!

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