YT GORILLA : How to Get Million FREE Traffic on Autopilot with YT Gorilla

“How You Could Get 5.38 Million 100% FREE Organic Views On YouTube And 57,384 Leads on AutoPilot with YT Gorilla”



Use YT Gorilla In Multiple Ways

  • Make money as an affiliate
    Find high traffic videos and offer owners a tiny fee for adding you link.
  • Rank Videos for Local Clients super fast
    Clients are more awaare of YouTube than ever before and understand the value
  • Generate hot leads for your product & services
    One of our channels has 54,000+ active subscribers and 5.3million views
  • Fully Cloud Based
    Nothing to download – Access from Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • YT King Kong Keyword
    With a few clicks see your competitors’ video keywords and tags and “export” with a single click
  • YT Gorilla Alert System
    Notifies you via web browsers and email
  • Huge Local Business Opportunities
    Rank your videos for clients and charge $100s – $1000s per video

If your not using YouTube in your marketing – today is your wake up call. YouTube it arguably the largest relatively ‘untapped source’ of free traffic, leads and customers on the planet. And if you do it right – you can be getting 10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free. Facebook traffic costs are shooting through the roof, ranking in search engines has never been harder, But YouTube is the “untapped” hidden gem in the rough – the unicorn of massive traffic. In fact – take a look at the stats from YouTube itself

YouTube Has Over 1 BILLION Users – That’s Almost 33% of the Entire Internet

When we began our YouTube Journey 3 years ago we figured out everything the HARD way.

  • What type of content to post?
  • What keywords to use?
  • What description do you enter?
  • How do you rank a video?

From years of trial, error and sweat, we realised there simply had to be an easier way.

You Tube Ranks Video with 3 major factors.

1) Title of the Video
2) Description underneath the video
3) Keywords (VERY Important but you can’t see the keywords… unless (see below)

The Hard Way – Trying to manually “sort out” the hot videos would take you 80+ of hours per week without any guaranteed success

  • You would have to enter random keywords that you “thought” were popular
  • Then set up a spreadsheet to record all the results
  • The copy all the description and titles.
  • The worst part. You don’t even get the keywords (you need the special tool to do this) and you don’t even know your videos will get ranked

The Easy Way – 1,612,108 views from a single video when you do it right


“Introducing YT Gorilla – Your 24/7 automated super cheap traffic finder”

  • Instantly see ANY video keywords – Enter, point, click and done – It happens within seconds
  • Make money and find high-value videos - Simply email the owner with the cut and paste template we give you (Most YouTube owners have no clue about the value of their channel
  • Spy Alert System – YT Gorilla spys 24/7 on ANY video – and lets you know the movers and shakers
  • Works with any video in any niche – Use it to rank videos for your own products and services, rank client’s videos and generate money as an affiliate if you don’t have your own product

YT Gorilla – Let’s your Competitors Do The Hard Work Then Take Their Keywords

  • Enter your keyword or channel name and hit ‘submit’– Instantly quick results!
  • Select “amount of views” to get the most popular videos – saves you 100s of hours compared to manually doing this
  • Instantly shares all videos info, keywords and descriptions.strong> You can just hit “export URLS” and save them all to the file
  • Hot TIP – For Local business: Charge clients a monthly retainer to give them the most popular videos in their niche each month. (We supply the cut and paste template)

YT Gorilla – 24/7 SPY Alert System – This is Incredible!

  • Auto video Tracker – Any video you want to monitor, you just click “Add Alert”, set how many views in X amount of days and it will automatically alert you in your browser
  • Viral Videos Alert – Here’s a good tip – Enter keywords like famous names or celebrities that are always in the news. When videos go viral copy the keywords and make your own video or contact owner to put your link underneath it
  • Set Your Criteria – YT Gorilla is fully customizable meaning you can set the alert to only “trigger’ when a certain amount of views have been reached in a certain time period. Imagine if you had to do this manually…
  • Automatic Instant Browser Alert – Alerts will appear in your browser automatically when the criteria have been reached.

5 Reasons Why you Are Totally Insane Not To Be Using YouTube In Your Marketing

  1. YouTube has over 1 BILLION Users – 33% of everyone online uses YouTube – It has incredible reach and is only getting bigger.
  2. Super cheap + Free Traffic – Compared to FB, Yahoo and Bing, Youtube traffic is uber-cheap and when done right you can get tons of free traffic
  3. Hyper targeted – YouTube Users search very specific items. It’s one of the most targeted community based hangout places on the planet for any niche
  4. Video is very engaging - Video is a more more powerful and engaging way to attract viers than a boring email or traditional ad
  5. The Future is Video – Video is becoming the way we communicate. iPhones, Smart TV’s Tablets – it’s all video.


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